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sample videos

Night-time Driver Vision Enhancement (DVE) demonstration using PiKSELiM's low-light-level CMOS sensor, operated behind the windshield of the vehicle with the headlights off (sensor is operated in the 640x512 format at 15 fps in the Global Shutter mode, using an f/0.95 optics and off-chip de-noising).

Night time imaging example, with a format of 640x512, operated in the global shutter mode at 10 fps, using an f/0.95 C-mount security camera optics.


Driver's vision enhancement

Drone-based imaging demonstration using PiKSELiM's CMOS VNIR (Visible-NearIR) sensor module.  This video was recorded at 8PM in the evening, and the sensor was operated in the VGA format at 25 fps in the Global Shutter mode using a 25mm f/1.4 optics.

Low-light imaging

low-light global Shutter CMOS sensors

PIKSELIM is an imaging sensor company specialized in the development of advanced imaging sensors with high resolution and high sensitivity, that can work at low-light-levels.  We offer image sensors with resolutions starting form 1Kx1K to ultra high resolutions (beyond 50 Mega-pixel). 

Imagıng Sensors

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