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Our advanced imaging sensor products are being used for a wide range of customers including system integrators, R&D centers, universities, and technology start-ups.   Our motivation to build high performance imaging sensors is what brings us together.


We have a strong network of partners specialized in the area of imaging sensors helping us to provide a complete solutions for our customers, ranging from bare sensors to complete camera systems.


PIKSELIM offers a wide range of standard imaging products designed for high-performance video imaging applications, with resolutions ranging from regular HD (1920x1080) to ultra high resolutions (beyond 50 Mega-pixel).  Our imaging sensors are built using advanced CMOS technologies with improved performance and functionalities.  Our imaging sensors can be configured to meet the challenges of most demanding applications commonly found in the imaging industry.

PIKSELIM provides development kits and camera cores for its advanced sensor products.  We provide reference designs to support their custom hardware and software development efforts. This helps our customers to focus on their product and application.

PIKSELIM also offers customization service, if format, speed, or sensitivity of our current imaging sensor products do not exactly meet your current application requirements.

our ultra hIgh resolutIon CMOS ImagIng sensors are engIneered TO PERFORM from ground to space.

PIKSELIM is an imaging sensor company specialized in the development of advanced imaging sensors with high resolution and sensitivity, tailored for demanding applications on the ground or in space.

Imagıng Sensors