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Imagıng Sensors

PiKSELiM provides reference design hardware and software for customers. We also provide evaluation cameras for our sensors with software drivers for Windows and Linux based systems.  Contact us for more information. 


PiKSELiM provides imaging sensor solutions for the following applications:

  • Scientific
  • Security / Surveillance
  • Medical Imaging
  • Aerial Imaging
  • Traffic Control
  • Cinematography
  • Astronomy


High-Performance CMOS Imaging Sensors

Low-Noise and High Sensitivity Sensors for Scientific, Security/Surveillance, and Medical Applications

PiKSELiM develops advanced CMOS imaging sensors with high resolution, low-noise, improved sensitivity, and increased system-on-chip functionalities. PiKSELiM provides digital and mixed-signal ASIC products to simplify the imaging system design using Pikselim sensor products.

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PiKSELiM sensor products are built using CMOS technology. CMOS allows  the integration of both high performance pixel arrays together with on-chip mixed signal and digital signal processing circuitry. CMOS sensors provides better performance especially for video applications.